Branka Gregor

Painting is a challenge, a love and a reward hindered only by conflicting domestic priorities. Give me a brush an day!

I enjoy the subtleties of watercolours but I’m comfortable with a broad range of mediums and subjects, such as flora and fauna, old dwellings, and land- and seascapes.  Kangaroo Island has much to offer the artist ad I include many local scenes in my works.

I’m pleased that many of my artworks have made their way to businesses and households across the world.

Dorothy Olsen


My main pursuit is writing fiction, but I also see myself as an artist, illustrator, poet and photographer. I am self-taught.

I grew up in the south-west of Western Australia, but have been resident on the island since 1995. As a small child, one of seven children, I enjoyed sketching and writing short stories. In my teenage years I designed and made my own clothes. Once I left home I produced ‘one-offs’ in leatherwork, silk screening, leadlight. Later, as an early childhood educator, I took great joy in sharing art with children and watching them bring their own creations to life.

I love trying new styles of ‘art’. Art encompasses everything I know about life. It is both meditative and fulfilling. I simply could not live without it.

Peggy Rismiller


I’ve always had a passion for nature. I  started collecting rocks, twitching wire and going to museums at an early age. I trained as a leather worker and environmental physicist. My technical training and fascination with gem stones, metals and ancient jewellery were a natural progression to bridge science and art. My preferred metals are 999 and 925 silver but recycling other metals and found objects add spontaneity and fun to my work. I work from my Far Side Studio in the mallees at Pelican Lagoon. For me, art and science have melded together – they are the language of nature.

Glenda Taylor

GlendaTaylorGlobalWarmingArt has always been an important part of my life. I love to share images of things that people would not usually see – interesting moments in time, and close up images of things like flowers, insects, dew drops. I manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop to create surreal photography and abstract art. I also enjoy painting from these scenes in acrylic and pastels. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Design/Art, taught for 17 years at Marymount College in Adelaide, then moved with my husband to Pelican Lagoon Kangaroo Island, with time away travelling and taking photos across Australia.

Ann Lashmar

Best Early Morning FogI came to Kangaroo Island in 1973 as a young teacher, and fell in love with the seclusion and beauty of the island. I also fell in love with Wren, a shy young farmer, who I married the following year! We spent our free time exploring – coast walking, beach combing and diving, and before long I began photographing the scenery with my Nikkomat camera.

In 1999 I became a founding member of Artists Collective KI and began exhibiting my photographs in the Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition – and won prizes – and later in Artworks Gallery.

I love the colours and changing patterns of the Kangaroo Island landscape. Nature has always been my inspiration.